Flexible ApproachWe provide patient capital and expertise to ensure the smooth transition and continued success of your business.

What We Do

McIntosh Partners invests its partners' own capital in businesses where owners are seeking to exit, take a more focused role or reduce their day-to-day involvement in the company.


Our goal is to offer business owners an attractive and flexible opportunity for transition by tailoring our investment and involvement to suit each unique situation. As multigenerational family business owners, we are uniquely positioned to understand the challenges and sensitivities of business succession.


We are not passive investors. We have the ability to take over day-to-day management and structure an active board of directors with relevant experience, ensuring the long-term success of your business. Our goal is to offer an alternative exit opportunity by providing complete flexibility with your desired level of involvement, transition and retained equity.


We are passionate about supporting and growing SMEs because these businesses and their entrepreneurs are major drivers of the Canadian economy. Our philosophy is an alignment of our values and interests with those of the business owner, employees, customers and the community to ensure a lasting legacy for the business. We are highly focused on select investments so that we can dedicate the appropriate amount of time and energy for each business.

We’re interested in partnering with business owners considering the following situations:

McIntosh Partners
Sell Your Business

Whether it’s time to retire or gradually take a step back, McIntosh can offer a flexible solution for you to realize the value you’ve built in your business and position it for continued success.

McIntosh Partners
Sell a Part of Your Business

Selling part of your business and reducing your day-to-day role allows you to de-risk your personal investment in your company and realize part of the value you have built. This allows you to reduce the time you are having to spend on your business, while still influencing the direction of the company and participating in the longer-term value with McIntosh onboard.

McIntosh Partners
Grow Your Business

Regardless of your personal financial objectives, McIntosh has the ability to bring growth capital to your business to make new key hires, expand into new markets or make an acquisition. We have the experience and resources to pursue that next phase of growth.

McIntosh Partners
Manage Your Business Succession

If business succession is your priority and you do not have a clear succession plan, McIntosh can help manage this transition. Our team has significant experience in dealing with succession and governance issues, and our ability to step in and take over day-to-day management allows you to gradually step back while overseeing the transition of leadership. With our flexible investment approach and long term outlook, you can stay partially invested and share in the continued success, or exit knowing that you have a team committed to your legacy.