Long-Term OutlookWe’re seeking profitable, growing businesses that are leaders in their segment.

Our Focus

McIntosh Partners makes controlling investments in Canadian small and medium sized businesses, with a preference for companies headquartered in Western Canada.
We’re looking for companies with the following criteria:

Financial Criteria

  • $5 million to $50 million in revenue
  • Stable annual cash flow
  • Low capex requirements
  • 15%+ EBITDA margin

Company Criteria

  • Recurring or repeatable revenue, preferably with long-term contracts
  • Solid employee relations with high retention rates
  • Not subject to regulatory risk
  • Strong competitive position

We are generalist investors with a preference for the following sectors:

McIntosh Partners
Business Services

Outsourcing of business services continues to trend upward as technological development enables small businesses to deliver low-cost, enterprise quality products and services. These companies are typically characterized by long-term contracts, with repeatable or recurring revenue, and are not capital intensive.

McIntosh Partners
Healthcare and Education

Demographic shifts, the exponential pace of technological advancement and rapidly changing skill requirements for the workforce will continue to challenge the delivery of healthcare and education. Governments are partnering with the private sector to continue to deliver superior choice and quality as public budgets are coming under increased pressure.

McIntosh Partners
Industrial and Related Services

We look for traditional industrial, value-add and associated service businesses, as well as enterprise software businesses related to Industry 4.0. These companies have potential for significant growth through massive volumes of data coming from the digitization of connected physical assets. This will dramatically alter services in manufacturing, energy, mining, agriculture, utilities, transportation and logistics, and other industrial sectors of the economy which, together, account for nearly two-thirds of the global GDP.

McIntosh Partners

Cloud technology, connected devices and the availability of data continues to change how businesses function. We look for pure software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) opportunities or technology enabled businesses that leverage proprietary software. These businesses are characterized by low asset intensity, recurring or repeatable revenue and are highly scalable.